Unit Studies

We have been doing some revamping here. Our struggle with Monarch for history and science has led us to unit studies. Honestly, I did that our first year of homeschooling too - the year when I didn't know what I was doing and just kind of tried to handle everything the way I thought was best.

Our first return into unit studies started with Animal Classification, a Hands of a Child Project Pack. I love these and bought a bunch the first year we homeschooled. My heavy spending year one as most certainly helped our small budget now! We do these a little differently - my son is not a huge fan of cutting, coloring, or pasting (ok - he loves pasting), so we do most of the work notebook style with just a few of the cut out projects that would go in a lap book. I noticed right away that even though he had to write a lot more he was definitely more engaged. I worked on the white board, we sat in the living room, and I learned that my son loves Venn Diagrams! Who knew? Since the science went so well we are going to do a history unit next - Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas. I picked this one because our museum has a Mayan exhibit going on and it's a perfect field trip tie in. While we are working on that I pulled out a health book I got a couple years ago and we will do that for science. Here's to the second half of the year going great!

My semester ends on January 31st and my next one starts February 1st. I have a couple more papers to finish but I know I can get it done. I do have to take my Praxis I this term. Ugh. I have the money set aside to register I just want to get my papers done first. It is my goal at some point to work ahead and get done faster. It just seems like when something has to give, it's my school work. I need to not be like that - my education is important too!

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