First half of the year

Goodness, I can't believe it's almost Christmas! Our year has been going pretty good though. Some things we're having problems with though:

Getting my boy to remember anything about history. I don't know if we need something more hands on, more heavily invested in writing, or just some books to reinforce. Granted, the Middle Ages is sooo long ago for an 11 year old. To him, the 1980's is more like the middle ages. No computers? No video games? *gasp* how did we even survive he often wonders! One day he asked if we even had cars. Um yeah, no sweetie, we rode dinosaurs everywhere. Or Fred Flinstone cars. pshh

We are backtracking through some missed, or not learned, math concepts from grade 5. He's still struggling with some of them, so I think that is right where we need to be.

The middle of the year also starts the look to the next year. What's working for us? What isn't? What are we willing to change for the next year. After all, he will be in 7th grade next year. Oh my! So, I've been looking at some stuff for next year and some decisions have already been made.

Teaching Textbooks. I've read all the reviews and honestly, since I'm not very good at math, having someone else teach it as he moves ahead is probably better for both of us.

Secondary Spanish. Right now he's using Elementary Spanish from Monarch and loves it. I'll let him do secondary next year and then we'll move to Rosetta Stone or something else. One year at a time!

The history and science is our hang up. The Monarch doesn't seem to be working as I'd hoped. Even his favorite subject (science) is a struggle for him this year using this program. Since I have the Apologia General Science I will probably give that another go next year.

I've also been looking at Ambleside online for next year. I'm not 100% on that though. It seems well thought out, and having books to read instead of textbooks for history might work better for both of us.

I'm back to the curriculum conundrum!

I hope all of you are having a great year!


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