I can't believe it's November, I'm not sure where October went! Goodness, Christmas is almost here!!

We've been doing good here. Enjoying some unseasonably warm weather for fall.

Getting pictures taken for the school year. 

Hitting up the pumpkin patch where we not only enjoyed the corn maize and picked our pumpkin but also got to make Erik jealous by checking out an old firetruck

We didn't get many trick or treaters on Halloween. Zach doesn't trick or treat. Not because we don't let him - goodness, I'd love it if he went and collected tons of free candy for me - but because he doesn't eat candy, so he doesn't think it's right to take something he won't eat. Sometimes he's too nice!! He is my candy hander outer and likes to see all the different costumes. I guess since that works for him it works for me too. He did ask for a Boo (from Mario) pumpkin, and Erik did his best without a stencil or anything. The picture is pretty dark, but the pumpkin did turn out pretty cool.

Wow! I guess that's our October in a nutshell.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!!


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