I'm Thankful and Sad

A lot of my friends on FB are doing the 30 days of thankfulness (or whatever it's called) and that's cool. I have a lot to be thankful for - my boys, my friends, a roof over my head, etc etc etc.

What I'm most thankful for is the election is over. Although I'm not glad with the results, what's done is done and it's time to move forward. I'm going to be honest though, this was not my first thought. Not by a long shot.

Thought #1 - I'm going to vomit

Thought #2 - Well, the Mayans did predict the world will end next month, so maybe it will end up ok

Thought #3 - I wonder how long it will take to get passports and blow this lemonade stand?

Thought #4 - Montana is pretty big - I bet we could buy a piece of land and fall off the grid.

But, the end, I'm proud to be American. I love this country, even if I'm not sure where it's headed. I know I can't defend my rights if I'm not here. But most of all I know we must all now stand united and make sure our elected officials, all of them, stand accountable for what we elected them to do.

What I'm most upset about is the way we are treating each other over this. I know there are poor losers, but I'm seeing a lot of poor winners too. And while I have some friends who fit into both of these categories I'm hoping that starting out small and working together will be the norm, not only for the next four years, but always. Not just for my circle of friends, but for the whole country.

America is a great country. Do we have room for improvement? You bet, and now it's time to stand together as citizens of this wonderful country and work together to make it even better. Not with pettiness and finger pointing, but by truly working together.


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