Ready to Move

I hate moving. I swore this move would be our last and we would just stay here in SC forever. But...

I really want to move. And not just anywhere - there are a lot of places I could go

Arizona, for example. I have family there, a sister, a niece, and a butt load of cousins for Zach. But "it's too hot there" my husband says

Utah - two nieces, some really good friends, and four seasons. "It snows there" says the old man.

Ohio - Hubby's family which means cousins for Zach. And well, family. Oddly enough, the snow here is not a factor. hmmm

And I'm not saying all those places aren't wonderful. They may even be the best states in Union. But I'm thinking I'd like to head someplace entirely new. A wild adventure that the three of us could enjoy. Where to though? Well, I narrowed it down to three places - but can I get hubby on board? Who knows? But here is where I'd like to spend the next four or ten years of my life

Honduras. Hubby has been here, but not Zach or I.
Beach front living, snorkeling, beautiful weather
what could be wrong with this place?

Belize. They speak English here, so that would make things a little easier.
Not as inexpensive as some other Central American countries but still..
this history geek would L.O.V.E. to see some of this stuff

Guatemala. OK, I honestly don't know that much about here
I guess that might be part of intrigue in going there
It would really make it a fun adventure

I know, all of you are thinking "that crazy girl - what the heck is she talking about". I know, we have an almost 12 year old, why in the world would you just pack it up and start a new life. To you I say "Why not?"

Why does everything have to be perfectly planned out? Why can't we just head out and live a new experience someplace completely new? Immerse our son in another culture - have him learn a new language first hand? Slow our roll a little. After being in/around the military our whole lives we deserve a little R&R in our lives.


  1. Come on! You can come visit during the snowy Utah winters!

  2. Wait!!!! We are trying to get closer to your neck of the woods!! Y'all can't move!!!

  3. No worries Shan - I can't sell Erik on the idea at all! I guess I will have to plan some vacations down there instead


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