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I started homeschooling again this year. My husband and I both felt it was the right move for Zach and even though it's been a couple years I still remember what needs to be done. Best of all I know what doesn't need to be done!

Last time we homeschooled for two years (2nd and 3rd) and by 4th grade I had lost sight of the important things. I was so caught up in making it school at home, which honestly, I thought was what I supposed to do. Those parents who used every day experiences to teach their kids weren't doing it right! I wanted my son to be one of those homeschool kids who graduated when he was 16, scored perfect on his SAT/ACT, and got the awesome scholarship to Michigan State. I pushed until my son and I could barely be in the same room. I pushed until out of frustration I threw him into Public School and called it good.

When we started this journey again, I started to panic. "There are 181 math lessons and only 180 days of school." "Oh no, his science is backordered - there's no way we can finish it all this year." I wanted to schedule all the lessons for the year and stick to that schedule. Field trips? Only after all the work was done. Fun time with friends, not this week - we're behind. Ugh. I would want to go to public school and be bullied instead of putting up with me!

Then Friday, as I was scheduling this week, this four day week, and trying to figure out how to fit five days of school in, it hit me. My 6th grader is doing 7th grade science - if we have to finish some of it next year, that's fine. We don't HAVE to finish the math book, how much is he going to lose by missing one lesson? And yes, my 6th grader is behind in spelling (not taught at ps here) and language arts (just a tough one for him), but that's ok. I don't have to squeeze two years into this year to get him on track. He is on track - his track.

Will my son graduate at 16? Nope. Will he get the scholarship and become a Spartan? Who knows? He probably won't even want to go to Michigan State. Will he have a ton of knowledge, know who he is, and be the great person I know he is? You bet.

In the end what matters most is that he is learning and growing every day. The rest will fall into place.

Until next time ~ Kris

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