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I'm so jealous of the folks who homeschool without workbooks. On our homeschool journey we've spent tried a lot of money on curriculum. Sonlight, Abeka, Unit Studies, Monarch, and on and on. It really can be an expensive labor of love when you are trying to educate your own child.

When I brought my son home again this year after two years in public school, all these missteps really came in handy though. I knew what would work for us, and what to stay away from. I wish I had been given the choice to learn a la Sonlight - I would have thrived, but I'm not the one doing the work. So, here is our curriculum for this year

Yep, as you can see, all workbooks. Workbooks of all different kinds. Another lesson from all our previous mistakes! Sometimes I feel like we aren't doing it right because we are a workbook family. But in the end, it's all about making sure my son gets the best education.

I've discovered that sometimes if you're not homeschooling a certain way, other homeschoolers can be mean about it. The fact is, we are all reaching for the same goals - it's just that our kids get there in different ways. Isn't this why we homeschool? To help our kids get the best education possible?

Trial and error are part of the learning process for everyone. When you find something that works for your family - stick with it! Even if you have to cobble it together from several different places. Don't be pressured to think you need this new or different curriculum. This is my third year homeschooling and I am by no means an expert, but I no longer feel I have to justify my choices to other moms. That alone can go a long way to making a better year.


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