Homeschool Update

I missed connecting with Hip Homeschool Moms this week on their Tuesday Hip Homeschool Hop. Boo!

We are about six weeks into our school year and we've made some changes (who's surprised?), but that's how it goes around here.

Remember this picture?

Yeah, well the only thing left that we're using is actually the math. And little man is complaining about how it repeats, but we are staying the course with math. I know he needs the spiral approach with math, so he's just going to have to deal.

So, what are we using know?

Well, we are using Horizons Math. It works, and if he gets it, I don't assign every problem. That's helped calm him down a lot about the repetitiveness of it all.

We really love Alpha Omega products. I know a lot of homeschoolers think they are not advanced enough, or whatever. The small sections work great for Zach, who is ADD, so I can't say enough good things about them.

We switched from the AOP lifepacs in History, to their online offering, Monarch. This is working much better for Zach. Still small pieces, lots of videos to make it interesting - it's just his cup of tea. We also switched to Monarch for Science, and since he's asked to learn Spanish he's doing Elementary Spanish on Monarch too.

For spelling we use Spectrum spelling. We actually have used this all year too! Score! I think we've found our spelling. We are using Abeka Gods Gift of Language for Grammar and Writing. I like the fact that they are both in the same book. I don't follow the whole LA curriculum with Abeka. I just have the Grammar book and that's what we use.

So, we have a few subjects that are now computer based, but the rest are still workbooks. It's the best way for us. I've also plotted out the curriculum for next year so I can start saving for it now. The Monarch is great - but it's pricey!

I want to make it clear that Alpah Omega Publications, Abeka, and/or Spectrum have not given me anything. I paid for all my purchases myself, and this is just my opinion of why we, as a homeschooling family, use them.


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