Dream Big

We all have a dream. Mine is to become a teacher. When I've asked Zach his answers have always been different. Some things I've heard ~

an actor, a director, a marine biologist, the guy who works at Gamestop (dreaming big!), and a vet. In other words "I'm only 10 mom, I don't know!"

Then he brings home a writing assignment about what he wants to be - and I'm going to type it as is. I'd scan it and post it, but let's face it, his handwriting is horrible!

Do you have a dream to be a cop? Well that's my dream. I want to be a cop because I get to arrest people who break the law. I'd travel the world looking for law breakers and catch them right away. I'll have to be very careful because some criminals can be very dangerous.

To become a cop you need to get a drivers license, earn a scholarship, and then go to college. That's my dream, so what is yours?

I hope he does get his dream to be a world traveling, scholarship earning, college going, bad guy catching cop! 

I would have preferred Marine Biologist though.....

Until next time ~ Kris


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