Back to School - Again

Next Wednesday I start back to school again. This time it's with Western Governor's University and it's all online.

I'm excited because I get to work at my own pace, so if I get something, I can finish it fast and move on. If not, (ahem, can anyone say math?) I can take longer to get it. I like that.

I get asked why I didn't choose University of Phoenix or some other online University and here's why - WGU can be transferred to any state and I can still keep working on my teaching degree. UoP didn't offer that option - only certain states offered the teaching program through them. Let's face, my dearest is still in the AF and we've been here for six years. The odds of us staying much longer are getting lower.

I knew I wanted to switch to online after Zach was in the hospital last year. I spent so much time there, missing class, getting behind, that I knew I needed something different. Now, if something happens like that again (which we hope won't) I know I can take my computer and keep working.

If we are still here when I get to student teaching I hope I can work in Zach's current school. He won't be there anymore, and I know how they work!

So, off I go to finish my orientation and get ready to get going!

Until next time ~ Kris


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