Another Fail?

In October, when Zach got so sick, we pulled him out of public school and started doing the SC Virtual Charter School here at home. Tuesday, my man goes back to public school. So, the question is - did I fail at K12?

Honestly, I don't know. I know it wasn't the same as homeschooling. I know my son has to learn some subjects a little differently than out of a text book. Like History - he does great when he can immerse himself in History - not so much just reading it though. Probably because he hates History. He finds it boring. Sometimes it is - but you can make it fun - but not with K12.

When your child is in public (or private, or home) school and they go on a field trip to the zoo - that's a day of school. They learn things, you get some exercise, whatever. When you want to learn about mammals up close with K12 you can - but then you still have to do the six hours of scheduled work too.

They really do encourage everyone to attend their 'get togethers', they want you to meet other families, which is awesome. "But remember, you're still responsible for doing your scheduled lessons." So, if we did go, we would have to make up our missed work on Saturday. Or at 10 at night (which we did sometimes). Because, let's face it, we live at least an hour away from any scheduled event. Even if the thing lasts only a couple hours it's still an all day thing for us.

Now, I'm not bashing K12 - it's an excellent program. One I would have loved to keep pursuing, but honestly, if I have my son at home, schooling, I want to do it the way that works the best for us. And this program wasn't it.

We had an awesome system when we actually homeschooled (where I made the decisions of what we covered and when), we weren't slackers. We worked our butts off - and he was doing some work on a much higher grade level than he was actually in. I'm not saying I was the best - we had some difficulties, I think that happens to everyone, but we did well doing our own thing.

K12 offers a Private Academy option, you pay for it, and that one may be better. A little more flexible, but if you are thinking about enrolling in a state sponsored program please take a close look. I thought I looked close enough - but there were still things that didn't work for us.

Next month I get to apply for an out of zone for Zach's middle school. We are zoned for a school that's 30 minutes away, not the closest school, so if we don't get approved for that, we may have to rethink what we are doing for middle school. I guess that's a bridge we'll have to cross when we get there.

So, was this a failure? I don't know. I still have to sort that out.

Until next time ~ Kris


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