What's Your Song? 6.9.11

I really wanted to post another Hootie song, because I know how much Amber (and everyone else!) enjoys saying "Hootie". I didn't pick a Hootie song - or even Darius Rucker (but I will because I love his voice).

Nope, today I went back in the way back machine again (what's new, huh?) and picked one from a band I was lucky enough to see in concert - on New Year's Eve - in their hometown of Sacramento. Um, yeah, it was the second best concert I've ever seen (Judas Priest will always reign on stage!)

So here is offering for this wonderful Thursday - Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla. After you air guitar and headbang (and perhaps laugh at the hair), link up with Amber at Goodnight Moon and see what everyone else is listening to today.

Until next time ~ Kris


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