This past weekend we were lucky enough to have the Ohio Caddick's stop by for a couple of nights. Shannon is awesome - she's going with three kids from Ohio to SC, GA, and Texas (well, of course back to Ohio too!). Safe travels Shannon!!

So, while we had the cousins together in one place you know I had to take pictures.

This is Adda Paige. She's growing up so fast - and smart....dang that girl is bright!
 This is Kayla. She's really not as mean as she looks
BUT she is 13!!

 Austin and Adda

Uncle Erik having a tea party with Paiger.

And here's the group
Kayla, Austin, Zach and Paiger
Good lookin' kids, huh?

So sad to see them leave - but we are going to go "up north" and visit them after I get out school. Yay!

Until next time ~ Kris


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