Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies?

In between reading and studying this weekend I watched (finally) Eclipse. I've read all the Twilight books and I always find the books much better than the movies - but I watched it anyway because, well, Erik was gone doing some Boy Scout thing and he doesn't like them.

So, it left me thinking (as it does after every movie and all the books) REALLY? I mean seriously - how in the world is this

a better choice than this

I mean is Bella blind? And shouldn't the fact that your boyfriend has no body heat to warm you up during s snowstorm be some kind of indication that he may in fact, be a lousy choice? Really girls - you know you put your cold feet on your man during the winter!

Normally I wouldn't even get involved, after all it's not real. But the fact that a blind person could see who's hotter annoys me. I mean they could have picked someone ugly to play Jacob - know what I mean?

So I've always felt kind of sorry for Jacob - poor guy can't get a break. Then this morning when I was in the shower (where I do all my good thinking) I realized she's too freakin' insane for Jacob and he's better off without her. So now I don't feel bad for Jacob anymore.

So that covers my random thoughts about werewolves and vampires but now to my burning question -

What is this impending Zombie Apocalypse that everyone is talking about? I missed the memo so would love if anyone could fill me in!

Now, I think I'll go read a book about ghosts....

Until next time ~ Kris


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