MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #44

Once again, who's been slacking for more than a month on this? Um yeah. So, it's time to link up with Wife of a Sailor and learn some interesting things about other wonderful MilSpouses.

1. When you vacation what type of vacation do you like to take (beach, historic, adventurous, food oriented, etc.)? submitted by Megan Dub-Yuh
Well, we love going to DisneyWorld and Hilton Head so I guess some adventure and some beach. 

2. What is your best memory associated with a song (you know we all have tons!)? submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife
My song would be 'I Cross My Heart' by George Strait - that's the song we danced our first dance to at our wedding so it holds the most special memories. 

3. If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with your time? submitted by Married to the Army
No obligations actually sounds a little boring. What would I be all OCD about if I wasn't figuring how to pay off bills or what classes I'm going to take next semester? I would get a big stupid RV and travel the country to visit family and friends scattered near and far, with stops at a bunch of cool places I haven't seen yet.

4. What is one thing about you that people do NOT typically notice at first that you wish they would? submitted by Our Motto is Patience
Well I'm pretty much straight forward so I'm usually easy to read. But I guess under the sarcastic old lady I think they don't realize I'm actually a pretty nice person - just opinionated.

5.   …. submitted by The Three TurnersIt’s a summer of sequels, and if you had to live in one of each of the following “worlds” (there are three total) which would you choose and why? 
–X-Men: Be a Mutant, what would your power be? I've never watched X-Men - is that the one with Hugh Jackman who turns into a werewolf? Can I have super speed?
–Harry Potter: Be a Witch or Muggle? Honestly, I'd much rather be a Mud-Blood, but since you're making me choose I'm going to choose Witch.
–Twilight: Be a Vampire or Werewolf? Um a werewolf of course. Did you not read my post on this subject? Besides, then maybe Jacob could imprint on me and wouldn't that rock?

Until next time ~ Kris


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