Hello Summer Assignment

Last week while I was in Borders pre-ordering the next Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Zach we ran into Mrs. Pryor, his reading teacher from this past year. First, this was the first time I've ran into any of his teachers outside of school, which is odd considering this town really isn't that big. But she mentioned a reading list and book report that was due the first day of 5th grade. Hmm I hadn't heard about this so I scrounged through all of Zach's paperwork that I anally kept (what do you do with schoolwork folks? really, I want to know) and found it!

I was already making him read 15 minutes a day, but he got to choose - now he has to pick two books off a list, AR test on them both when school starts again, and write a book report on one. What was the first thing he said "We may as well be homeschooling again - you always made me do schoolwork during the summer."

Yep - that's my boy.

Until next time ~ Kris


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