Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's Your Song? 5.26.11

Oh my - Thursday is a busy day! I'm linking up with Amber at Goodnight Moon for her What's Your Song hop. I love this hop because I'm so old school with my music and it allows me to hear lots of new songs that get tuned out. I mean - I watched American Idol last night and was not impressed with Lady Gaga or Beyonce but Judas Priest and Steven Tyler? Well, you see why I need my musical horizons expanded, right?

But you're here for music and I'm being all wordy and weird. I picked this song because I heard a George Michael song on the radio the other day and while searching through videos I found this one. So I said to myself "Self, what's better than George Michael AND Sir Elton John?" Well, nothing - so here it is!

Until next time ~ Kris

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