What's on My Phone?

I know, it's not Tuesday but I still need to dump my phone pictures
You know, all those bits of randomness that happen
Sometimes, I have to sit and think about Why I took a certain picture
and sometimes I can't remember
but here they are anyway

Yes, it ended up being so stupid hot this day
I mean stupid hot
and it's only May

 You should know this face
Miss Emma

 And this one
Mr. Matthew

 Miss Emma again - being all 

and little Master John

Not one of my nieces or nephews!
Yep, you read that right
this is my friends daughter
Little Miss Emily

 A diorama (or model or whatever you want to call it)
of the succession ball 
apparently held in Charleston when SC 
succeeded from the United States

Dang thing was so big it took two pictures
These South Carolinians are very proud of their
Civil War Heritage
I find it kind of disgusting
*It offends my Northern Sensibilities*

Until next time ~ Kris


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