Phone Dump May 4th!

Need I say it - this post is photo heavy! With Easter and birthdays and projects - I really need to get back in the habit of doing this once a week - it would make it all so much easier! So, here's What's on My Phone!

 Zach's school won $5000!
Yes, $5000 - plus some very cool historical trees 
to plant. Here's a picture of the 'big check' presentation

My little man a-waitin'

 This cutie is my niece Paiger
she's so stinkin' cute
and I'm not just saying that
cuz she's my niece

She turned two last month
I can't believe it

 My Niece and Nephews

and again - on Easter

 Matthew on his way to his first monster truck rally

 a-waitin' boys are not very good at that

this mohawk lights up - look how engrossed he is!

Random niece and nephew shots!


And some randomness that doesn't involve kids
 The patio project my man worked on
I took it at night - but it really looks good
he worked his butt off

The dog Zach and I were trying to get Erik to 
say 'yes' too. He didn't, but dang isn't that thing
so freakin' cute?

And there it is - my phone dump for the month of April! Thanks for looking - I know there were a lot!! 

Until next time ~ Kris


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