Mother's Day 2011

Dear Mom,

It's been four years now since I last called you and wished you a Happy Mother's Day. Four years since I sent you flowers (tulips and iris' of course!). I still miss you terribly. I thought it would get easier as time went by, but it doesn't because so many amazing things happen and I just think "Dang - Mom would love this or get a kick out of that." Or whatever the situation calls for.

So, I thought I'd let you know what happened this year. The things that would have tickled you pink and the things that would have made you madder than a wet hen.

You have a new great grandson. His name is John. He's cute as a button. But another boy? Ugh?! Remember when we couldn't buy a boy in this family - now we get a girl and it's like Christmas! I think perhaps Cathy's boys and Zach will have to have the next string of girls - and then they will wonder where all the boys are!

You will be happy to know I sent Zach back to "regular" school this year. Also, I went back to school and yes I got all A's and B's in my first semester. Zach did well too. He only missed all A/B honor roll by one stinking semester. You will be sad to know that I'm considering dropping back out of school and homeschooling Zach again. I haven't been super thrilled with the quality of the education he's received. You don't have anything to worry about though because I don't homeschool like Joyce did. He gets lots of time with other kids. Plus - he's had to be medicated since he started school - and I'm not thrilled about that. I know you'll support any decision I make even if you don't agree with it - I just wanted to let you know why things sometimes happen.

I'm distressed to tell you that Zach doesn't remember you any more. He was so young - and sadly - well, you know how military life is. We were lucky growing up because we knew Grandma and Grandpa, but he was so little the last time he saw you before we moved to Washington. He does know who you are though. He knows you're his guardian angel. He tells all his friends he has a guardian angel - and of course - they are baptist and don't get it. But we know.

 You should also know that Zach really loves Daddy. Like mother like son, huh? He gets so excited when Daddy comes to visit. And you know, daddy can sometimes be the not most talkative person - but when Zach talks to him he tries to act interested. You would be proud of Daddy - and he still misses you a ton.

You would be thrilled to know that we finally got that bastard Bin Laden. I wish you would have been around to see that. I know it took much longer than any of us thought it would - but good things come to those who wait, ya know?

Oh and remember Prince William? He got married and she's a commoner! They seem to really love each other, not like his parents. And I never thought I'd say this - but her dress was way better than Diana's. I missed you that day - because I know we would have been giggling over some of those hideous hats!

Well mom, I'm sure I had so much more happen that I can't remember. But I think I hit the big points.

All my love,


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