*Fourth Grade Field Trip*

So, Thursday I ventured forth with the 4th grade from Cherryvale on their one and only field trip this year. We went to the SC State Museum and the State House. It was a long day, but the kids seemed to enjoy it and really, isn't that the only thing matters?

The museum was hosting an Animal Grossology Exhibit - and boy, was it named correctly!

I took so many stinkin' pictures. This post is just a select few from the museum - I'll have to do the State House later. I'm not patient enough to sort through all 100 of them for one post!

On the train that used to run from Charleston to Augusta

Our small tour group

 Learning about school from back in the day

 Part of the Animal Grossology Exibit

The fly talked and moved just to make it more weird!

 Mrs. Dantzler - she was Zach's homeroom
Social Studies and ELA teacher this year

 Miss Shaw and Mrs. Bright - 
Mrs. Bright is in the white sweater
she was Zach's math teacher this year

 Now you can see Miss Shaw
she was Zach's science teacher this year

On the right, Mrs. Pryor
Zach's reading (and favorite) teacher this past year
On the left is another parent volunteer

That's it for now - stay tuned for more posts from the field trip.

Until next time ~ Kris


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