The End of Fourth Grade

So, yesterday Zach was promoted from the 4th grade. I didn't take too many pictures (I know, hard to believe, huh?) but I did get some. Some are on hold for next weeks Embrace the Camera, but I'm willing to share the rest. Of course.

This school year went by so fast. I still don't know if I'm sold on the SC public schools. Zach seems to be doing well though so we may stick it out for another year. Undecided at this point. I have to say that now he has been in private school, public school, and homeschool. He's the most randomly educated child I know.

But enough with the yap yapping, here are the pictures.

 Getting his awards 
and what did he earn?

 A/B Honor Roll for the year

 A/B Honor Roll for the 4th quarter

 Promotion to 5th grade

 Here he is with his friends
(except for the kid on the far left - 
Zach says he's just some random kid 
who decided to join in!)

Chit chatting after.  The boy he's talking to 
is a 4th grader too no - I'm not kidding 

I'm so very proud of Zach for all his hard work this year. And since I'm such a great parent I got to request his 5th grade teacher *shhh*! 

Until next time ~ Kris


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