Embrace the Camera 5.26.11

OK - not only is it Embrace the Camera Day 
It's also my Daddy's birthday!
So even though you don't have a computer

Now - on to the pictures - yes two of them this week. Why? Because we had a field trip and field day last week *sheesh* people, think about it!


I already have pictures for next week too
because I just came back from Zach's promotion ceremony
for just a few more days I will have a 4th grader.
I'm so not ready to think about 5th grade right now

OK so here we go...

 this is our picture at the State House 
from the field trip
I concentrate too much I think!
But Zach - well that boy is always ready
to have his picture taken 

And this one is from field day
you can't tell but we are wearing matching t shirts!
{of course - like I wasn't going to buy field day shirts?}

This week instead of linking up with Emily 
{I hope you feel better soon!}
The link is with Amy at Buggie and Jellybean

So link up - and give props to all the moms who are brave enough to step into the pictures!

Until next time ~ Kris


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