Zach's New Word

And it's not even a bad one, which surprises me considering the wonderful tidbits he brings home from school. Elementary school is so different now *sigh*

Epic. Yes epic is his new word. He uses it all the time now. Everything is 'epic'.

I get angry - it's epic
he had a good day at school - it's epic
he daydreams he's fighting a battle - you guessed it - an epic battle

Weird thing, he's pretty good at using it correctly, so the other day Erik asks "what does epic mean?" Um yeah, the boy didn't know - he just figured out where it belonged in sentences and then used it as he saw fit.

Yep - that's my boy.

Sorry this story wasn't more, well, epic.

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. does he use the term 'fail' yet? apparently 'fail' is the opposite of epic. and you can also have an 'epic fail', which is tremendously bad. {who knows?...i can't keep up with the lingo anymore.} keep up the good translation work :)

  2. LOL yes, I was accused of an "epic fail" when I forgot to sign his behavior log for the first time all year! I explained that honestly, he should have been grateful I've only forgotten once!


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