Zach's Birthday Party

Who's the lamest mom ever? Who? Well, me of course! Last weekend we had Zach's birthday party and I just remembered I took some pictures. Which means I'm just now posting them. *sigh*

I forgot to take pictures during musical chairs and the pinata, but at least I remembered to take some pictures. Remember me, lamest mom ever? Yeah.

These are supposed to be the mushrooms from  Mario
Do you know how hard it is to make Mario mushrooms?
yeah, especially when your not very creative
He was happy with them though

Partay decorations!

Time for (cup) cake and ice cream
Zach eats neither, but it wouldn't be
a birthday party without them

In addition to musical chairs and the pinata
Zach requested twister. I think the kids had fun.
(and even though there is no picture proof the adults
also engaged in a game of twister!)

It wouldn't be me taking pictures if we didn't have
the obligatory random shots.

Everyone seemed to have a good time - and Zach had the party he always wanted to have - a few friends with some games at his house. Whoever he marries is going to love that he's rather low maintenance!

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. Looks like it was fun!!! Course it would have been nice if we had known his birthday was coming up as well!!!! There are some cheeseheads that need to be bought!!!


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