What's Your Song? 4.28.11

Oh Thursday. How I love you what with Goodnight Moon's song linkup. I get to spend hours going through YouTube trying to find the exact song I want to share this week. It's harder than you think - I mean after all, the music I love has been around for longer than some of those kids in my English class.....

Today I had an exceptionally hard time picking. I'm not sure why - but I hate to disappoint. Or ruin my reputation as the rock girl. Then it came to me - shuffle the iPod Kris and whatever song comes up first is the one you find. Well, that seems easy enough because let's face it - if it's on my iPod, I listen to it.

So to further diminish my standing with all my Classic Rock friends here is the first song that came up in my shuffle.

Don't turn it off - just get up and move - you know you want to!!

Don't forget to link up. Or at the very least go visit and hear some songs that were made after the turn of the century!

Until next time ~ Kris


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