What's on Kris' Phone 3.8.11

Time for my Tuesday ritual of 

Before I forget - Lent starts tomorrow.  Being the non-practicing Catholic that I am I have decided to not give anything up this year.  I figure I already gave up my sanity - and I really liked that!!

OK - so What's on my phone this week??

Today I'm starting with my niece.
Not the niece who makes the gorgeous kids, but her sister
who could also make gorgeous kids if she should ever decide
she wants to have kids (or give up her cute little shape!)

Oh Matthew, the internet is forever!
Someday this picture will come back to haunt you
I'm glad I could play some part in your 
future embarrassment!  But really, you should
blame your mom - she's the one who sent
me the picture!

Friday was 'crazy hair day' at Zach's school.  I know, Zach has crazy hair every day - but we did it up nice and special for the occasion of 'official crazy hair day'!

the finished look

up close

Mad professor?  Naw, just pulling his hair out
a cool trick he learned from me!

How did I manage to do such a spectacular job?

It's not Aqua Net - but I did go to high school in the
80's!  Let's face it - I could make that crew from Jersey
Shore look like amateurs when it comes to using 
hair spray!

How is the baby pink HMMWV coming along?  You know you want to know!!

it now has the cammo pattern
raspberry and silver
it could go super fast too - 
if it had wheels

this storm looked like it was going to be terrible
it really wasn't

It's hard to tell but the two cars on the end are exactly the same
Apparently public school teachers can afford really nice BMW's
Also, please note the grass is starting to turn green
Could spring be close?

And finally ~ 

A hunter AND a Mythbuster

And there you have it!
Have a great Tuesday everyone
And don't forget to head over to The Lowe Family News
and check out the other players in the phone game!

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. aww, cute kid pics! poor guys, little do they know those shots will show up at their weddings one day. ;)


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