Pinewood/Powderpuff Derby

Yesterday our pack had the Pinewood Derby for the boys and the Powderpuff Derby for the girls.  Why didn't I post about it yesterday?  Well...because the whole thing stressed me out so bad I came home and took a Percoset.  Yep - that's the truth.

O.K. well, I forgot my regular camera, so I had to use my phone - and I didn't get any 'action' shots, but I did take some of the cars and I thought I'd share.

This was Zach's car - he didn't win anything boo

Isn't this the cutest thing - some people are so creative

This one was named Purple Haze
yep - that's why I included it

You would think this would be slow
Nope - it took 3rd place in the women's race
and most unique!

You knew I'd have to show you a picture of mine finished!
Felicia ended up naming Pink Commando
It took favorite in the womens
but was too slow to win a race!

Have a great week!

Until next time ~ Kris


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