~Blog Dare Update~

Today I thought I'd give an update of how I'm doing on the blog dare.

In a moment of utter insanity I signed up for a blog dare where I am supposed to blog every day for 2011.  Every.Single.Day.  hmmm - what was I thinking?

I think I've been doing a pretty good job.  This will be post 61 and today is day 72.  So, I've missed just under two weeks.

To be fair, I was really sick.  I guess if I had my crap together I would write my posts before and schedule them.  But, my blog doesn't work that way - I like blogging about whatever takes my fancy.

I would like to say that since I have missed and therefore will not complete the dare it's been easy to go back to my blogging when I feel like it instead of every day.  That's so how I like it!

Oh, I'll still keep track - because I'm anal like that - and you know I'll just have to know how I ended up doing by the end of the year!  But now that the pressures off, I can enjoy blogging again!

Until next time ~ Kris


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