~ All My Years of Dorkiness ~

What can I say?  I'm a dork.  I like to think I'm the coolest dork you'll ever meet - but still, a dork is a dork. I'm good with that.  Surely, I knew it my whole life but have just begun to realize embracing my dorkiness is the way to go.

Apparently on FaceBook this weekend it was "upload pictures of Kris at her dorkiest".  Ah, memories.....

So, lest you all be under the impression that I've just turned dorky after turning 40, I thought I'd share the 'old school' Kris pictures that are going to cause all my FB friends to delete me because that's a better choice than being associated with me!!

Let's start with this winner ~

Circa the early 90's.  Yes, I'm trying to be domesticated by my sexist, nazi supervisor.  You can't tell, but my hair is pulled back in a banana clip (remember those?) and dang - my bangs are outta regs like you wouldn't believe!  I guess that's one point to being stationed with men who don't know.....

You know you want some of these glasses!  Please note - high tech microwave and the phone that's been pieced together because we were loggies in a comm world!  By the way - I would give my right arm to be that "fat" again too!  Yes, I was on the weight program.....  Both these pictures are courtesy of my friend Paul, who I was stationed ever so briefly with at McClellan AFB in CA (and later at Fairchild - much later!!).

Fast forward about 16 years.....

Iceland - circa 2006.  What was going on with my hair again?  Hmm, I'm not really sure, but it seems to be the way I wear it most of the time now though.  I have no reasonable explanation for thinking I should show so much forehead.  I still do it though - maybe because I know how crappy bangs really are!  Big, bulky pencil sharpener, check; a computer monitor that takes up the whole desk, check; pink highlighter because I was the only girl, check!  But look - I was wearing way too much make up - so that makes it all better!!  Also, my hair was dyed BLACK - because I knew none of the guys would call me out on it!  the one thing that's still the same - still on the weight program.  This picture come courtesy of my friend Christopher, who sat at the desk next to mine while we closed down Iceland.

So, if you too are a dork - don't be ashamed!  Step out into the light and embrace the dorkiness!!  You'll feel so much better - and the memories are worth it!

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. Awwwwe these are cute! Oh the memories we make ;)

  2. Love the pictures! My hair looks like that now most days! It takes a confident woman to show off your not so flattering pictures! Janae

  3. Ahhh insight into my dear friend Kris!!! How totally awesomely dorky you were then, and are now. THAT is what I love about you!!!

  4. I too, am a dork! God bless all dorks!

    And I've got some BIG old glasses in my photo album! We could be sisters! :-)

  5. You're rocking that cammo.

  6. I too, am a dork! God bless all dorks!

    And I've got some BIG old glasses in my photo album! We could be sisters! :-)

  7. gina swigert4/15/11, 11:54 PM

    I recognize that office... I think. But, I don't remember ever vacuuming. I remember Abe (TSgt. Abraham) running the vacuum, a lot. I have pictures of Tina, but don't think I have any of you. I have one of her with a road cone on her head! LOL Do you or Paul have any of me? That would be a hoot. Miss ya!

  8. planetcaddick4/17/11, 10:06 AM

    Somewhere I know I have pictures of you. Of course you don't remember vacuuming - it was Bills way of showing me how inferior I was to the god Jim Rice! I can see Tina posing with a road cone on her head - easily!


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