What's on my Phone?

I was going to include this with the postcard hop but I was running late for school this morning - so lucky you - you get two posts.

I will be nice though - I won't post two weeks of pictures!

Time to play

One of my old (not as in age - but in time knowing her!) friends came to our base for a few days.  I hadn't seen her since 2002!  We went out to dinner.


My son enjoying some nice weather.  And treating his "plushes" badly.  I think he bought them with his Christmas money, so whatev!


Messing around with my camera on science night


One I forgot from last month at our Cub Scout Campfire

And no week would be complete without my nephews



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Until next time ~ Kris


  1. Aaaaawwe dont those boys look cute! I have nothing on my phone this week, I am lame LOL :)


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