High School Memories

Jill, over at Strawberry Freckles is hosting a high school memory link up.  The link is for a song that reminds you of high school.

Her song was popular waaay after I graduated - but that goes to show - bloggers are not bound by age groups, just the love of the same things.  That's why blogging rocks.  I love her song choice!

Anyway, I had to post the song that reminded me most of high school.  Believe me, there were a plethora to choose from - I graduated in '85 - we had some fantastic one hit wonders during the '80's!  We also had Duran Duran, Blondie, and the Culture Club.  *ahh, memories*

I didn't choose any of those people though.  Picked this one ~

If you've never enjoyed this song - please do so now!

Linkity link link up your fav high school song over at Jills!

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. OMG AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a total 80s buff!!!! LOVE IT!!


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