Bubbleology Part 1

My son has always loved science.  I wish I had the same love of science that he does, but alas, I'm more of a Social Studies kind of mom.  What can you do?

When Zach was in 2nd grade I started homeschooling him.  I was at a loss as of what to do, really I was, but then I happened across a hands on unit called 'Bubbleology'.  Science and bubbles.  OK, I figured I can do this, he loves both those things.

Here are some pictures from that long ago unit study -

Needless to say it was a hit and probably my first actual success as a homeschooler!

But why am I talking about this?  I mean, really, he's in 4th grade now - ya know?  Quit living in the past and stuff.  But it comes full circle (as life tends to do - so bear with me).

This past Thursday was Science Night at Zach's school.  The theme of this science night was, can you guess?  Yep Bubbleology!

I took a ton of pictures (um as usual) but they still need downloaded.  Today I got a message on my FB that said "Zach's in the paper".  So without further ado - my son's first 15 minutes of fame!!

Zachary Caddick, a fourth-grader at Cherryvale Elementary School, prepares to make his bubble volcano even larger Thursday during the school’s Bubble Festival. Cathy Perry, lead science teacher at Cherryvale, said the bubble activities at the different stations were meant to encourage students to explore science and ask questions. She also said second-graders had just finished learning about solids, liquids and gases. Third- and fifth-graders are about to start that unit.


Until next time ~ Kris


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