The Awesome Week that Wasn't

I had such high expectations for the last five days  
Really High

Monday started off gangbusters
48 out of 50 on my Sociology Test
100 on my math quiz (finally)
Even the disturbing news that Erik would have to extend until Feb 2014 (he signed his GI Bill benefits over to Zach) couldn't disrupt this awesome blossom day

Tuesday started to slide
I had a cool project set up for my Tigers that night
but forgot all the stuff at home (thank God for my GS mom who brought her stuff!  You saved me "back up Miss Kris"!)
I got word that my GI Bill was approved (don't know what I would have done if it wasn't!)
Had so much trouble logging onto Blackboard that I didn't get my math homework until almost 11 pm  trust me, I wasn't doing 70 problems of math at 11 at night

Wednesday was wild (not really but I like alliteration)
Got my first draft paper back - I got 50 out of 100.  WHAT?  Turns out that my formatting was somehow off and I ended up being short three lines - which is an automatic 50.  Cheese and rice.
Math homework missing was ok - a lot of us had trouble with blackboard apparently 
Had an impromptu conference with Zach's teacher over lunch - it didn't go well
This was the day Zach started feeling sick
Wednesday melts into Thursday because I was up most of the night 

After maybe three hours of sleep I went to math (Erik came home and stayed with sicky) because I knew there was a quiz.  I have to take these - they count for 15% of my grade.  Only, no quiz.  Because most of the class didn't turn in the homework (they were still using the blackboard down excuse).  I made a bunch of people not happy because I turned mine in.  I roll like that - it's my grade and my future
A nap after class because I was broke tired
A completely new rewrite of my extremely substandard paper began
A night of four hours of sleep

Fabulous Friday
Really it is! Except I had to miss my favorite class because Erik couldn't be here at 8 AM
Zach's fever finally broke
I made it to my English class and found out I'm not the only one who sucked butt on my paper

So, as the Awesome Week that Wasn't winds down I have a couple things to look forward to:
hopefully the end of the paper from hell
well, it will be the end because it's due on Monday
planning for Zach's birthday party next Saturday
now that Zach's feeling better I can finally take my sleeping pill and sleep ALL NIGHT!

High hopes for next week continue....

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. Awe I hope next week is better and your luck will be turning around, hand in there :)

  2. These weeks suck but then you will have an amazing week and then you get to say "screw you crappy week. I can kick your a$$ any day of the week" :)

    It's coming, I can feel it!!!!


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