About Birthday Parties

First, yes, I did change my background.  It's just for the week though, since my baby boy will be 10.  I guess that means he's not my baby boy anymore.  Just my boy.  *sigh*

We've been planning a birthday party.  When we homeschooled we always took his birthday week off and went to DisneyWorld.  Our little vacay during a quiet time of the year.  It was lovely.  But now, well, we have to plan vacations around school, and he's definitely not out of school next week.  So, it's a birthday party.  At our house.


That's ok - as long as I can find Twister he'll be happy.  But now it's "who to invite".  My son is a wonderful little man, who chooses his friends very wisely.  Kind of like his mamma and daddy.  I knew he wasn't going to crazy and invite everyone from his class.  He'll tell you bluntly that he doesn't like everyone in his class so he doesn't need them to come to his party.  He does have his small group of friends though, and they did get invites.

When we bought invitations I bought a pack of 8.  I knew that would be enough.  More than enough.  So, his party is limited to 8.  But I found out that's not kosher.  I guess you're supposed to buy two packs or maybe three and invite everyone.  Again, hmmm

Why would you do that?  First of all, why would you want 16+ people (most of them kids) running all around your house?  I always say "God gave me one because He knew what I could handle."  I'm not a huge fan of large groups of people.  Anywhere.  Second, are those actual friends of your kids, or just acquaintances, or kids he 'knows' at school.  Or friends of mom and dad?  Third, is there a need to go broke hosting a birthday party?  Ugh.  Cake, ice cream, and some games.  That's what birthday parties are supposed to be.  Not big huge "we have more money than you" fests.

So, what are we planning for Zach's big 1-0?

Twister (hopefully), musical chairs, and a pinata.  All things he asked to do.  I'm going to try my hand at making some Mario themed cupcakes (since yes, it's a Mario themed party).  Some ice cream.  And that's about it.  Two hours of fun at the Caddick house.  That's it.

Exactly what a birthday party should be

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. Bet you are missing Disney right about now :) Planning birthday's are so much fun..... I will trade you. I have 2 to plan in March (without Daddy) and I haven't even started ;")


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