Who Are These Girls?

Well of course, it's me and my sisters!
From the left - Cathy, me, and Cindy
You'll have to excuse the hard copy scanned and then downloaded from FB quality though

If you can't tell - this picture was taken in the early 90's
Can you name two things that give it away?
Oh, fine - I'll help!
Hypercolor shirt and foofy bangs bwah!

Every time we got together I made my two sissy's pose for a 'sister picture'
Somewhere there's one from 2004 at Cindy's wedding but I can't seem to find it

Cathy ALWAYS hated taking these pictures
I'm thinking that she's now she's probably glad I forced the issue

But I'm not here to say "told you so" or embarrass the crap out of every one
ok, maybe a little
after all it's what I do

But to say I miss Cindy a lot
I miss Cathy too - she's too far away

Yesterday, Cindy's youngest (maybe - since she's a twin and I'm not sure who was born first) had her third child 
a boy
named John
you'll get to meet him later

And it made me realize how wonderful my sister was
and how only two of her grandkids were ever able to meet her
and one probably doesn't remember her anymore

And how all her kids really needed a mom in the last 4 1/2 years
and I'm too far away to be any help at all

And how I'm still really sure her husband killed her
and got away with it
which makes me mad

And before you think we were all loving and never fought please
we did
we spent two years not even speaking to each other
cuz we are both stubborn and stuff
Cathy is too 
apparently it's a family thing

But I still miss her
and I still think it sucks
not just when something awesome happens

and that's life on planet caddick


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