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what I usually have every morning on my way to school
it's the breakfast of champions

this was supposed to be a cool shot of the moon
it was full
and orange
but you can't tell from this picture

Our Tiger Den trip to the Fire Department
I figured out how to blur the kids
The adults are on their own!

the following pictures are from the mid to late 80's
they were sent to me from a dear friend
and although these pictures are not of me
they could be!
Damn the 80's rocked!!

and that's...


  1. um, awesome permed hair on the last 80's pic. for realzzzzzzz
    i need some mountain dew right now, i'm feeling drained. hahaha!

  2. Oh gotta love the 80's! I will not be breaking out my photo albums for that... only cause I look like a cross between Madonna and Punky Brewster ;) I also used to love a good granola bar and diet coke before my AM classes :D

  3. hehe i always have my soda in the morning....there's nothing wrong with that! ;)
    fire dept trips are so fun for the kids! mine love it~

  4. I LOVE those peanut butter granola bars! You can keep the diet mt dew though... Only the real stuff for me. haha
    Those yearbook pics are great! =)

  5. Go fire dept! glad you went to see real everyday heros!

  6. ok that picture with the arrows looks like a linup. it makes me nervous. ahha. and i love ur breakfast. it's making me want a mountain dew now.


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