What's on Kris' Phone 1.11.11

First of all it's 1.11.11  Cool in some weird way.  But, onto the phone -

Dear Mr. Mail Person (or machine)
You took the time to stick these stickers on this Christmas Card - you couldn't find it in your heart to just FORWARD the dang thing?  Really?
You printed the forwarding address on it too - sheesh

for some reason I couldn't just blur the address - so you get the little sticker coverings instead

This is my checkity check check engine light
It was nice enough to help celebrate the new year by turning on
No one knows why it's on
But I do
The car is paid off - think about it

My to-do list
follow the advice at the bottom
you never get to the stuff at the bottom of the list
just sayin....

What was in my purse when I went to the all day orientation

What I actually did with myself during said orientation

A note from school we don't see very often
and yes the words were printed at the top - they always are
but this is still the first time he hasn't been counted down for spelling
I guess that threat that he will only be able to eat, sleep, and read really paid off

And finally
meet my newest grand nephew
who from here on out is just 'my nephew'

Now, get your butt over to Jessica at the Lowe Family News and link up!

and that's...


  1. aww, sweet new baby boy!! love it! i like your new background with the cool spherical trees!
    and i am also a doodler, when bored. ;D

  2. It's always so nice to get good grades and nice feed back from teachers! Even if you have to threaten your kiddos to get it! ;)
    What a beautiful baby! I have two greats and I just call them niece and nephew as well because the great just makes me feel old...

  3. If only I could've read yours before I posted mine- Originally, I had "11.11.11" Oops! Congrats on the new nephew :)

  4. Awe! Congrats on the new your new nephew! Newborn babies are the best! :D

  5. I love that you have your eReader in your school bag. Girl after my own heart!!!

    Congrats and being an Auntie again!!!

  6. ok at first i thought u meant he stuck those stickers on it that YOU put over ur address. haha. i was like, where did he get that dragon one?

    and why aren't there any SNACKS in ur purse? especially for a meeting. u gotta stop at the gas station and load up before that crap.

  7. Great pictures! Enjoyed the post.



  8. Super cute new baby... :)
    My reader stays in my purse... never know when you might need it. Good luck with that engine light!

  9. Issues with the post are the worst, why can't they just do their job??? 100% are great no matter what way they come :)

  10. awww I love new babies! How exciting is that! Congrats!
    I love your boredness lol :'D i'm always the same way. you're hysterical!

  11. I always have good intentions at courses ans meetings, but end up doodling too :)
    Ang xxx

  12. Aw, your grand nephew is positively precious! :)

  13. Super cute new baby... :)
    My reader stays in my purse... never know when you might need it. Good luck with that engine light!


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