Weekly Wrap Up

It's time for my Friday Wrap Up
I don't have a ton of pictures 
(I'm saving a lot of them for Tuesday!)

Today I finished my second week of school
I've still not gone a full week
because of the weather
but I have had time to take a quiz in math

that's right, I only missed two!  I rock!

 I have decided that even though I don't like math
 and I really like to read
I like math better than English
numbers aren't subjective
 like writing a paper is

Since my check engine light is still on
I drove the truck to school today
Why is this such a big deal?
Do you see the size of this thing?

 ok it's a little hard to tell - I'll get a better picture
it's a 2500 crew cab

this is me by my car - which I usually drive
a little Malibu Maxx
so the truck is pretty much a monster compared to this!

And I'm getting a little better at self portraits
they still need some work though!

Also our Tiger Den took a trip to the Fire Department
We had a blast and I have pictures for Tuesday
 because I only took my phone

Zach's science project is done projecting
now we need to set up his display board
this will be a first for both of us
kind of exciting though

And that was our week
mostly just life happening on a daily basis

and that's...


  1. Thanks for the encouragement! Good luck with school! =)

  2. uhhhh....math!! hahaha!! you go!! good for you :)

  3. YAY for the math grade!!! Go YOU!!!! Did I mention that I love that you are taking self pics. I really need to brave it up a little....but I'm too chicken =)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! Good luck with school! =)


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