The Things You Find

I'm glad I waited until late in the day to post.  I actually didn't wait on purpose, it was a busy day - but it ended up working out pretty well.

 Tonight the Tiger Cubs went to the local fire department for a tour.  The boys usually always have a good time (this was not my first Tiger visit to a fire dept!).  It went well until they got called out.  

Anyway, I'm rambling and off track - I know you're surprised!  Not.  But there was a newspaper clipping on their bulletin board.  It was from when the fire fighters on base rolled a truck.  My dearest is the fire truck mechanic.  This is what I saw:
See the guy looking down?
That's my man!

I have more pictures from the visit but they'll have to wait until Tuesday because they're all on my phone! 

and that's...


  1. Um, Kris... it says you don't have permission! I totally wanted to see Erik looking down. LOL


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