Before I forget - I started another blog here.  Because I'm lame it's called Reading on Planet Caddick and it's where I decided to document my progress on the reading challenge I signed up for this year.  It's also on WordPress because I've heard (o.k. read!) people ranting  about how wonderful WordPress is.  Since I haven't had a lot of time to mess with it, I don't know yet - but I thought this would give me the opportunity to figure it out.

Anyway, onto S.O.A.R.

What does it mean?  Well, I'm sure it could mean a lot of things - but at USC Sumter it means 'Student Orientation and Registration' and it's where I spent my whole day yesterday.  

Check in at 8:30 - but the whole thing didn't start until 9.  Really?  You're going to make a bunch of people sit around for 30 minutes before making them sit around all day.  That's good thinking.  Thankfully, I took my Kobo - so I was able to entertain myself.  

At 9:00 we did an icebreaker where we had to 'get to know each other' by playing silly games.  Um yeah - can we just get to the part where we register for classes please?  The semester does start on Monday....

9:30ish - math placement test.  I don't know what was on this test because it all looked like this to me:


In other words - I had no clue what the hell they were asking for!  So, I figured out what I thought I could and made a pretty design with the rest of the scan sheet.

10:00ish - we took a tour of the campus.  It's not a huge place, but I'm still confused.  Good thing they gave everyone a map.  That sucker is going to be my bestest friend.  They also blah blahed about all the opportunities of college life.  I sat in the back and texted during that part 'cuz really - I'm not going to do any of that junk anyway.

At 11 they fed us some nasty Little Ceaser's pizza.  At least we didn't have to pay for it.

Then it was time for a Foreign Language Placement Test.  First math - now this?  When the guy said "If you haven't taken a foreign language in the last five years raise your hand."  Boy - my hand shot up so fast you'd have thought it was on fire!  Yay!  I didn't need to take the placement test.  Honestly, my limited knowledge of Dutch and German wouldn't have been on a test, and all the Spanish I know I learned from Dora the Explorer.  Do you really think they're going to ask me what the Spanish word for 'chocolate' or 'backpack' are?

It was about this time my phone died.  Are you kidding me?  But that's ok - it was finally time to get logged onto the system and register for classes.  About 45 people - most trying for the same classes - and school starts on Monday.  Talk about CRAZY clicking going on there!  

Student ID's.  Once again, like 45 people waiting in line.  I passed and went back today.  It was already almost 5 when we got to the ID portion.  My fun meter was pegged - and had been since about oh, 8:35.  

So, I did learn that some people take five classes a semester.  Yikes!  Really?  I'm taking three and I'm thinking "oh, I hope I can handle that".  Of course I was being a difficult student - I only want to go to school while Zach is in school - so I had a limited selection to choose from.  I promised that I was going to attend school while Zach was in class.  Sure, I'll be spending tons of time doing homework and stuff - but I still need to be there for him.  After all, that is my job!  

I start on Monday.  I'm nervous.  And excited.  Working towards a dream. 

and that's life on planet caddick


  1. When I saw S.O.A.R., I thought, "Chris is going to Spin-Off Autumn Retreat?! Cool, I'll see if I can go, too!" Then I remembered, you don't spin... and I read more of the post.

    Good on you for going to school. What's your major? What classes are you taking this semester? If you need them, I will offer my services as a proofreader for you.


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