Science Project

This year Zach had a science project
Zach loves science - I mean
Me, well, not so much but I'm a mom and I do what needs to be done
Just like every other mom

So, the project part wasn't so bad, really
it was the whole 'putting the board together' thing that killed us
For the record, no one in this house has ever done a science board before
no one

So, thanks to my dearest friend Shannon for posting pictures of her daughters project so I could get some idea of what we were working towards!  The computer was right by my side the whole time so I could copy at will!  Also, thanks for the idea for next years science project!!

His project was "do plants grow taller with our without plant food"
aka - Food or No Food
he did all the measuring, watering, and caring for the plants
he also typed up all the sections for his board
he picked those bright background colors
he decided how to lay it out
I did the gluing because let's face it *attention span of a gnat* seriously

see all this paper - yep we killed more than a
few trees working out font sizes and styles
finished project
finished project
that board is about as tall as him!

I hope that we he did a good job since this thing is most of his third quarter science grade!

And for the record - plant food does not make plants grow taller - but it makes them larger and greener.
I don't think any of us saw that result coming!

Until next time ~ Kris
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  1. You (and he) get (s) and A+.

  2. Looks greaT!!! I'm sure its an A

    <3, New Follower

  3. Looks greaT!!! I'm sure its an A

    <3, New Follower


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