Reality Television

I'll admit - I'm totally addicted to reality television.  Sometimes because it's so ludicrous and sometimes because it can just be interesting!

Here are some of my favorite reality shows:
The Amazing Race
Sister Wives
Big Brother
American Idol (just the auditions though!)
Dirty Jobs - (ummm Mike Rowe)
Deadliest Catch

I would love to be on the Amazing Race - my sister and I talked about doing it before she passed.  I think it would be a blast (except for the icky strange food eating!).  I could do Big Brother - well, I probably wouldn't last more than a week because I'm not good at handling DRAMA!!  But it would be fun to try!! 

and that's...


  1. Amazing Race is so totally awesome. I have high hopes for this season. Go cowboys!

  2. I hope all is well. I confess to watching the Ultimate Fighter. Wouldn't let my kids see it though (ha ha)

    All the best,



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