Random Things I Learned in School Today

Today was an exciting Monday at school!  
You know, as exciting as school can be
on Monday

In Sociology I learned that people who go to church are less likely to commit suicide

In math I learned that 8-15 does not equal -3
it equals -7
I'm sure I already knew that
but somehow I got it wrong
and it was the reason I missed one problem on my quiz
One little problem
so I guess the lesson is "pay attention to details"
which by the way I also already knew
I guess Math was a wash today

In English we have been reading and discussing a play called "The Conduct of Life"
today we were talking about how our papers need to be organized
and someone said something about his grandmother going to school with Pee Wee Gaskins
and everyone was shocked
but I didn't know who they were talking about
turns out he's some prolific SC serial killer
How did I NOT know about this guy?
Me, the true crime junkie?
So, of course I had to Google it when I got home
and if you're into weird true crime stuff like me
you can find the story here
I haven't had time to read it all yet
it's now on my list though
Did I learn how to organize my paper?

Overall, a pretty good day at school

and that's...


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