Planet Caddick - What's on my Phone Tuesday

Time for the weekly edition of What's on My Phone!  Make sure you hook up with Jessica at The Lowe Family News and get in on the fun!

Did ya know Krispy Kreme's have 0 grams Trans Fat
That makes them fat free!

Another shot of my newest chunkster nephew!
He's too stinkin' cute 
Props to my niece for making such cute kids!

I've found a new respect for those moms who can take pictures in the mirror and have them look incredible!  I learned a few things about 'mirror' pictures this week

First - take everything off the counter
laying it down doesn't make it go away

Don't make concentration faces when you're snapping the picture
or look down
or hold the phone right up there 

When all else fails just have your kid take the picture
also, how crappy your pictures turned out has no bearing on how your team does
"Da Bears"

 I guess I will have to continue practicing mirror pictures

Here is a another cutie - 
of course, made by my niece
told you she makes cute kids!

and that's...


  1. You cracked me up with the '0 trans fat means there is zero fat for those doughnuts' post.
    Glad I found you via the blog dare. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Cute cute kiddos! I LOVE Krispy Kreme. To bad I haven't had one in like five years!Great tips on the mirror pictures!

  3. Hahaha, ohhh, I love Krispy Kreme! Your mirror pic tutorial totally cracked me up, too. And yes, your niece does makes some dang cute kids!

  4. woohoo! we LUV da BEARS!! My hubby has been a huge fan since he was a little boy, he has stuck by loyally through the good and the bad, haha! they did awesome this weekend, woohoo! and mirror pics are overrated, that's why you can crop, crop, crop!! ahaha!

    um and i almost dove into my computer for the krispy kremes. ahem.

  5. haha I love your pics! You look so thrilled lol
    i didnt know about the donuts...when did this happen!?!? gahh <3

  6. keep practicing!! u can do it!!!

  7. Lovin the self portraits!!! Very brave, I SUCK at them =)

  8. Lol at laying everything down on the counter :)
    Ang xxx


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