My Really and Truly First Day of School

Well, that about says it all.  Needless to say it's been a long day.  I'm not used to being up so early and then NOT napping for an hour or so after Zach's in school.  Yeah, I do that.

Today started CA RAY ZEE though.  Zach was delayed two hours - I was not.  So while I should have been dropping him off at school I was sitting in a math class.  Thankfully my dearest was able to take him to school for me.

My first class is Sociology 101.  It was either that or Psychology 101.  My advisor highly recommended the first class.  I picked it.  At 0800 on MWF.  Apparently a class that's going to be mostly lecture too.  Holy crap - hope I'm not regretting that choice on Friday!

Next up on the list Math 111I - I wasn't exactly sure what the 'I' stood for.  I made a guess though - 'idiot'.  Yeah, well I remember doodling on the math placement test scan sheet!  Turns out it means 'Intensive'.  Um, did I end up in the right class?  My Professor seems ok though - except for the heavy Spanish accent.  I already don't know anything about math - please don't make it harder for me to understand.  Good news - show up for every class and turn in every homework assignment (they don't even have to be right for goodness sake!) add 4 points to your grade at the end of the semester.

Another point about this class- it's full of all these young kids and I could feel them death staring me when I asked questions.  I'm guessing either they 1 - blew the placement test for an easy grade or 2 - don't know either and are afraid it won't look 'cool' to ask questions.  Whatev.  The guy next to me asked too - he's at least 70 and he's my new best friend.  We're gonna piss off all those youngsters together!  I have this class MW at 0900 and T Th from 0930 to 1045.  Bonus - it's worth four credits if I actually pass it!

Then I had an hour.  I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my eReader.  Probably should have read my Socy book or something.  Then I watched some wannabe Gangsta White Trash think they were cool.  They most definitely were not.  You live in Sumter - whatever - go try that crap in Columbia and see how fast you get beat down.  Ahhh the recklessness of youth.....

English 102 - My last MWF class at 1100.  First thing she asked "When did you take 101 and what did you learn?"  Um, seriously??  I took that class in Germany before I was even married to Erik.  I just said "It was the mid 90's and I don't remember anything about it except I got B'.  Take that Miss Thinks Everyone Can Remember That Long Ago.  Sheesh.  Don't know how that class is going to work out.  Lots of writing and lots of kids who took two years to pass 101.  I guess they aren't paying for their own education.  Failing isn't even an option as far as I'm concerned.

So all in all, a pretty good first day.  I'm still hoping three classes are just enough for me to handle.  If I can do it, then maybe I'll try four later.

and that's...


  1. I went back to school when my kids were starting high school. Being a mom, and a student, can be challenging but hang in there and remember to take care of yourself.

  2. I take naps too.... shhhh!! Don't tell hubs!

    I'm so very proud of you!! I'm sending my virtual support and well wishes. I am completely in awe of you. I know I could never go back to school at this point... so I guess maybe I'm a little jeoulous too ;).

  3. Thanks ladies for the support and encouragement. I'm completely nervous! And Liberty - naps totally rock - I think my dearest may have figured it out when I was so cranky tonight though!!!

  4. Auntie just think if I can go back to school with two kids, now three you can do anything. Naps rock even though Uncle Erik doesn't think so I do! I am also able to keep my grades at B's or better so I know you can do it! Doesn't help I am with a bunch of people my age and they claim they "can't" do it, but I think it is possible look at me and I can still get good grades!

  5. AND: now i want a nap. hahahha,good luck girl! :)

  6. AND: now i want a nap. hahahha,good luck girl! :)


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