I'm the Worst Mother Because...

Today I decided to use the prompt from the Bloggy Mom's Dare Challenge.  I haven't used one yet, but I figured this is one I could relate to - after all haven't we all had moments of "I'm the worst mom"ness?

As I started thinking about it I thought "ooo there are a lot of things I've done wrong".  But since parenting doesn't come with a book - here are some of the things I've beaten myself up over.

- Once when Zach was about a year old I double dosed his dimetap.  It was the middle of the night and I was tired. 

- At some point I let Zach start dictating what he was eat going eat.  Bad move mamma

- I shouldn't have used the TV so much to keep him occupied while I was doing the temporary single mom thing

- I should have never allowed video games in the house

- Then there was the time he wandered away at DisneyWorld.  Um yeah, maybe we'll relive that another day.

- I didn't make him get more involved in a sport of any kind

I'm sure there's a ton more I could think of - but these are the biggies that I think about a lot.

and that's...


  1. You are brave to admit those things. I squeeze my eyes shut at memories of things that have gone wrong. I haven't written mine out because I too have a very long list. Yours is the 2nd post I've read today, and I'm thinking I need to pick one and leave it at that. Now to pick just the "one" to list. LOL.

  2. I could probably write a book on the worst mom-ness thing. Motherhood doesn't come with a guidebook, right? But even if it did, I think we learn the most by making our mistakes along the way. And now I have a grown daughter and I get to see what she learned (or didn't learn) from my mistakes...and watch her make her own. On the bright side, I don't think I screwed up as much as I thought I did. :)


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