The Evolution of My Blog

Woo Hoo!  You know you are all soo interested.

I picked this topic today because, well, I couldn't find the one I wrote last night about how much I like coffee.  I wrote it after I had taken my sleeping pill (while I was waiting for it to kick in), and it did kick in - but now I don't know where I saved it.  And that's probably a very very good thing.....

At first my blog was called "Our Journey Through Homeschool"  I started it because I was a temporary single mom, new SAHM, and new homeschooling mom.  I needed a place to 'talk out loud' about what we were trying, what was working (or not), and to generally keep my sanity.

Eventually, as I started blogging about more stuff than just homeschooling, it became 'Random Thoughts About Life and Stuff".  The title changed, but the purpose didn't - it was still my 'think out loud' space.  I just thought about more stuff!

Forward to "Life in the Caddick Lane".  By this point I had started blogging more about trips, plans, dreams, and friends.  I think I finally got a couple followers too!  While I appreciate everyone who follows my blog, having a ton of followers was never my intention.  I'm glad to know you guys find me witty and amusing enough to read though!  If you look for me on Networked Blogs, I'm still listed under this title.  

This brings me to my last incarnation "Life on Planet Caddick".  I'm not planning on changing the title anymore - I think this one fits perfectly!  I'm still growing and changing as a blogger.  Although this is still a personal space for me to do my thinking I'm showing more of myself.  I now follow more blogs than I can keep up with, I've joined a couple weekly link-ups and challenges for this year.  I'm less afraid to just blab about random stuff and more inclined to comment on posts I find wonderful or that make me laugh til I pee myself.  Sometimes I even tell those wonderful bloggers that they made me pee myself.  Less restrained, more personality.  More of my personality.

I'm wonderfully impressed with how my blog has progressed.  And I don't impress myself that often....

and that's ~ life on planet caddick

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  1. isn't it interesting how our titles and purpose for blogging can change along the way!? I am enjoying getting to know you through this venue... no matter what name it has!!

  2. lol I very much want to read the coffee post when you find it! Very interesting blogging journey. Lots of people ask me how I got started blogging. It's a post in the works! :)


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