The Conduct of Life

(or why I now hate English 102)

I've spent the last two days staring at blank word document trying to write a comparison paper for my English class.

Don't get me wrong - I love to write, if that writing is me, sitting here doing a blog post.  You know, my mind is free to think about what it wants, I can type at will, no special formatting, no works cited.  You get the idea here, right?

I hate writing when I have to write about something that doesn't interest me.  at.all.   zilch. nothing doing with this play.  Seriously, I couldn't find one good thing about it.  The paper was supposed to be about the play "The Conduct of Life" by Maria Irene Fornes.  hated it.  I know, hate is a strong word, but really, that's all I got.

And I didn't even hate the play because it took place in the 80's and some punk had the nerve to say he wasn't alive then.  Which made me feel old - but now that I think about it, he probably was, right??  Everyone say 'yes' even if it's a lie.....

I hated the play because it showed women in a bad light.  I'm not super Mrs. Uber Feminist or anything, but I think women are much stronger and less well, self centered, than shown here.  If you love this play or by chance are the actual Maria Irene Fornes, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.  But I can't sugar coat.

It took me forever to figure out how to set my margins.  The last time I took an English class I typed it up on a typewriter.  No lie.  And that was a college class - so think about that for a minute.  Laugh at how old I really am.  It's ok, I don't mind.  Then I realized halfway through that there was only supposed to be one space at the end of each sentence.  One - really?  When did that happen?  Geez, so back through the whole think I go to make sure there is only one space.

Four pages.  This is a gray area - four full pages, or enough that you have something written on the fourth page?  Hmm  I'm really hoping the latter because I only managed to get like half of the fourth page with anything on it.  And I really need her to read it so I can know where I went wrong.  And she won't if it's not long enough.

So, now you know, why I hate English 102.  When does the semester end again?

Until next time ~ Kris


  1. It gets better. Maybe not a lot =) but it does get better.

  2. I too find it so difficult to write when I'm not interested in the topic. Good luck! You'll get the hang of it. :)

    Visiting from the weekly roundup. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Wife on the Roller Coaster


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