Many Embraces

Today I couldn't decide which Embrace to Post.
We had a lot of decent pictures from Sunday when we participated in the Christmas Parade
(with the Cub Scouts, of course!)
I know I should save some of these for next week or the week after
or even the week after that
but I couldn't decide which to post
so you get them all!

Zachster and I in the car pre-parade

It's hard to get everyone in the picture sometimes
(especially when you are a family of big heads!)

We are the coolest nerdiest best Cub Scout leaders you will ever meet!

I guess I should have made sure we weren't facing into the sun!
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  1. LOVE the second one. With Joy, Carey

  2. LOVE THEM!!!! The 2nd one is my fav too!! Such a great looking family :)

  3. Great photos!!!!!!!! I love Christmas parades! How fun :)

  4. good job trying to get all three of you in the shot

  5. Oh fun, love the second one!

  6. I like the second one too =)

  7. Oh fun, love the second one!


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